I use a 5,0 x 0,7 mm tin-coated braid with magnetic effect, 110 meter overall. The big question is; 3M double sided adhesive tape or glue e.g. Loctite Teroson SB 2444?
Well I have tested both, the tape is very easy to work with opposite the glue, because you have to apply it to the track as well as to the braid. If you forces the braid of, both metodes peal the paint of and leave the MDF raw. So my conclusion is tape.

I discovered that I have missed something while routing the slot. There is no space for braid between the sektions, so back to the router.

Now it’s time for braid.

1. Always clean the braid for all trace of oil with acetone before using it. Remember to use gloves.
2. Press the tape and braid firmly to the MDF slot.

Braid connection

At the end of each section, I use a 10 mm MDF to secure the braid to the track. The wire from each braid, will be connected to others with the the same potential. A wire pair, from each section, will be connected to an Scalextric PB output in the frame.
The wires from the braid at each flipper, will be used to give, the PCB for live flippers, the necessarily potential.