What do i regret, what would I have done different, what if…?


The solenoids I have used so far, become to hot when active over 10 seconds. The result was smoke and self destroy. It can happen when a car is deslotted before one of the the two reset slotted optical switches are activated. The old solenoid consumed 1.100 mA and rising about 50 mA/ sec. at 12VDC, the new ones consume only about 200 mA, is cold as an ice cube and therefore a none smoker!

Slot depth

I have routed the slot 6 mm deep because that’s what Scalectric’s plastic parts are. Not a very clever choice because I ended up using Slot It’s guide CH07 which is 8 mm. To day I would therefore have made the slot minimum 8 mm deep.


I have always had a week heart when it comes to Ford GT 40. I have bought a lot from Scalextric before my track was finished. I have tested them with new guides, motors, wheels, tires, axels, etc. but compered with the ones I have from Slot.it, it was a waste of money. They will never be able to run properly on my track! The combination of Slot.it GT 40 with CH07 guide and Quick Slicks have not yet been beaten, not even from other models from Slot.it and NSR.