I paint both the front and the back side, to protect the MDF against moister. The colors are gray for the asphalt, lines are white, cubs white and orange and everything else light blue. As you may have guessed, inspired by the colors of the ledendary Gulf sponsored racing cars. I use an acrylic primer and polyurethane modified oil paint shine 15 (silkmatt) as topcoat.

Friction test

I have made some friction tests and it showed, that the grib on my surface is 15-20% higher than on a Scalextric plastic rail, tested with a standard Scalextric slot car mounted with standard tiers. My test methode was a blocked car connected directly to a PSU, where I raised the voltage slowly and noted the level at which the wheels started to turn. I then supplied it with 12 VDC and lowered the voltage slowly and noted at which level the wheels stopped turning. I repeated that metode with 3 different cars 3 times on each surface.


I paint with a spray gun, two times primer and topcoat with light sanding between each layer.


The white line and curbs has giving me some sleepless nights. How do I, in an easy way, mark and cover before painting?
To mark the white line, I have made a tool which is very easy to use. (See pictures below) I have mounted two wheels with a piece of MDF between. In the MDF are holes that fit the cartridge of a gel pen. The two wheels will prevent the pen from wiggle from side to side, so that the lines will be accurate.
I have made several paint test and here is what I came up with.

  1. I cover the track with a wide piece of painters tape.
  2. Mark the white line with a rollerball mounted to the homemade tool, so the distance to the sektion edge becomes right.
  3. Cut, very light, just through the tape, with a sharp knife and “remove” the line and curbs.
  4. Airbrush the white lines.


The white color in the cubs is painted together with the white line, it’s therefor important that you know the exact cubs lay-out in advance.