Winter break

Winter is approaching in Denmark, the temperatur is dropping and it’s time to put away my track until spring 🙁

But no need to feel sorry for me, there are lots of projects and racing in sight. I have plans of making my own 1:32 slot car, much more about that in the future.

I’m now a member of a local slot car club, were we race 1:24 Scaleauto on a analog wooden track once a week. To have something to compete with, I have painted my first 1:24 white kit a Dodge Viper in Gulf livery – what else 🙂


Nail polish

Today, after applying 3 layers of nail polish on the front tiers, I got a new lab record – 4.085 seconds.
Now the new goal is a time below 4 seconds – it MUST be possible 🙂

Dusk Buster Cloth

From my local paint shop, I have bought some dustbinding cloth containing resin. I wipe the track and clean the tiers with it – the effect is remarkable! Just store the cloth in an airtight plastic bag.