Silicone tiers

The best tiers for my track is Quick Slicks CB57S. However they do not make the soft compound anymore and there isn’t any dealer in EU. Therefore I decided to make my own.
I have made several molds and testet a lot of silicone compounds and is now satisfied. They fit perfectly to my GT 40’s and the grib is excellent.

Back on the track

My track has been stored away for nearly 3 years now, but after a bit of cleaning and a test of each section, it’s now up and running.
I have planned to make some modifications of the small weak build-in Scalextric actuators, more of that later but until then I’ll have some fun 🙂

Winter break

Winter is approaching in Denmark, the temperatur is dropping and it’s time to put away my track until spring 🙁

But no need to feel sorry for me, there are lots of projects and racing in sight. I have plans of making my own 1:32 slot car, much more about that in the future.

I’m now a member of a local slot car club, were we race 1:24 Scaleauto on a analog wooden track once a week. To have something to compete with, I have painted my first 1:24 white kit a Dodge Viper in Gulf livery – what else 🙂


Nail polish

Today, after applying 3 layers of nail polish on the front tiers, I got a new lab record – 4.085 seconds.
Now the new goal is a time below 4 seconds – it MUST be possible 🙂

Dusk Buster Cloth

From my local paint shop, I have bought some dustbinding cloth containing resin. I wipe the track and clean the tiers with it – the effect is remarkable! Just store the cloth in an airtight plastic bag.

New lab record

Finally my new Ford GT #11 has done it! The old lab record 5.196 sek. has been beaten, it’s now 4.895 sek.

I think it maybe will drop further down in near future 🙂