Dusk Buster Cloth

From my local paint shop, I have bought some dustbinding cloth containing resin. I wipe the track and clean the tiers with it – the effect is remarkable! Just store the cloth in an airtight plastic bag.

New Solenoids testet!

The new solenoids are just as god as I could hope for. They use approximate 200 mA at 12 VDC and can be activated for over 30 minutes without meltdown 🙂 The old ones destroyed themselves after just 20 sekunds!
Normally the solenoids are activated way below 1 sekund, only when a car is deslotted before one of the two reset optical switches, it can be activated for a longer periode. I my world deslotting happens so… 🙂

New Linear Solenoids

Just ordered some new linear solenoids. The one I have used so far, becomes to hot when active over 10 seconds. It can happen when a car is deslotted before one of the the two reset slotted optical switches are activated . They consume 1.100 mA! despite they are marked 800 mA at 12VDC, the new ones consume only 300 mA – i hope 🙂